Group Meeting – September

Most of us want to mark important events in our lives and to commemorate people we have loved when they die. For those with no religious belief the British Humanist Association has developed a network of accredited celebrants to conduct funerals and memorials, weddings and civil partnerships, and baby namings.


This month (September 2015), our speaker will be Paul Scothern, a qualified British Humanist Association Celebrant. Paul is one of 300 celebrants who make up the BHA’s Ceremonies Network, which provides non-religious ceremonies for baby namings, marriages and funerals. Many people find out about humanism for the first time through their work.

More details can be found on the BHA website:

After the speaker, we’ll be hearing about the recent visit of some of our members to the Shah Jahan Mosque in Woking.

And if time allows, we’ll also be having another session on our favourite books (or other media) related to humanism, atheism, rational thinking and skepticism, so if you’ve read/watched anything interesting in these areas recently we’d love to hear about it!