We are a Humanist group for residents of the Guildford & Woking boroughs of Surrey (of course people from beyond are welcome too!) We provide a friendly place to meet, discuss interesting topics, hear from invited speakers and socialise with other humanists. For those who want to find out more about humanism, we can also provide speakers for local schools and groups.

Due  to  the Covid-19  outbreak  we  will be meeting online until 2021. You can download our latest programme here: Flyer_2020_V04_A5.pdf, or join our mailing list to get the latest updates about our meetings. We publish the links to sign up for online meetings via our mailing list and Meetup group, or you can contact us at guildfordwoking@humanistgroups.org.uk to request to join.

What is a humanist?

A humanist is someone who:

  • trusts to the scientific method when it comes to understanding how the universe works and rejects the idea of the supernatural (and is therefore an atheist or agnostic)
  • makes their ethical decisions based on reason, empathy, and a concern for human beings and other sentient animals
  • believes that, in the absence of an afterlife and any discernible purpose to the universe, human beings can act to give their own lives meaning by seeking happiness in this life and helping others to do the same.

(British Humanist Association, “Defining Humanism“)

“Believing that it is possible to live confidently without metaphysical or religious certainty and that all opinions are open to revision and correction, [Humanists] see human flourishing as dependent on open communication, discussion, criticism and unforced consensus.”
– Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy —

You don’t have to identify yourself as a Humanist to come along to one of our meetings, you only need an open and inquisitive mind. We hope to see you soon.